CH Kinring's Fierce Allegiance RPT, DD

Ch Harmony Hills Pay Per View x Ch Timarus Shes All That
DOB: January 21, 2006

Fallon is David’s dog. Loyal and devoted, he follows him and goes with him everywhere. Fallon has a wonderful temperament - calm and easy going, but there’s a LOT of toy and retrieve drive under that calm exterior. Fallon excels in Disc Dog competitions (Frisbee). He rates the disc well, with consistent well timed catches and nice big jumps!

In the show ring Fallon is a big, relaxed, easy mover. He possesses lots of substance, a perfectly straight coat and a handsome masculine head.

Ch Harmony Hills Pay Per View
Black C/W AS-18596E25M-PI F=15.25%
E118106 DL88834901
Ch Paradox Propaganda
Black C/W RF AS-12266G24M-T F=16.49%
E83123 DL64755204
Ch Heatherhill You Talk Too Much
Blue C/W AS-9008G25M F=15.05%
E64368 DL50069502
Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
E12825 DL46151601
Ch Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill
E37944 DL40345703
Ch Paradox Propwash Then Again
Black C/W AS-11031E29F-T F=24.11%
E74355 DL57235805
Ch Bayshore Propwash Balderdash DNA-CP
E69846 DL49412903
Ch Propwash Remarque
E40135 DL41357801
Harmonys Hill Breezin Bye
Blue C/W RF AS-15677G29F-PI F=17.09%
E101498 DL76929601
Ch Harmony Hills Distant Thunder
Black C/W AS-11945G24M-T F=8.81%
E81636 DL64103902
Ch The Highlander of Harmony Hill
E72764 DL55345101
Willobees Kai of Meri-Mor CD
E67532 DL51886404
Harmony Hill Brikette of Mack
Red Merle C/W AS-11943G24F-T F=11.75%
Ch Manape' Propwash Griffen
E53060 DL44364203
Winter Havens Harmony Hillary
E48721 DL39044106
Ch Timarus Shes All That
Blue C/W AS-16853G27F-PI
Ch Blue Isle Dancin on Fayblehill DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-14671E24M-T
E96383 DL74457405
Ch Sure to Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
E46726 DL43905801
Famous Amos of Tres Rios
Ch Brigadoons Dressed In Velvet CD
Ch Friends Blue Country
E70979 DL54516403
Ch The Man From Heatherhill
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
Ch Dancin Eyes Bootsrmadeforwalkn
Blue C/W AS-12909G26F-T
E86922 DL67091801
Ch Kaweahs K.C. Darsey CD STDcds DNA-CP
E26187 DL42964401
Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD
Little Spots Reddy Cowgirl CD STDcds
Dancin Eyes Honkytonk Harlot
Windogos Empire of the Sun
Red-D Set Go of Starcross