CH Ultraa Engel Highland Fling HICe x CH. Elfwynkle's Inspiration, "Denver"

Born: July 31, 2004

Abbey, CH Ultraa Engel Highland Fling HIC had 8 babies on July 31st ( a Blue Moon).  Sire is CH. Elfwynkle's Inspiration.  4 males (2 tris, 2 red & white) and 4 females (1 tri, 3 red & white). We kept two puppies...check out Norman (male) and Tear'n (female) on their individual pages to see show results and more photos

Learn more about Abbey here.

CH Kinrings The Cat's In the Cradle
Dot lives with Maureen, Kent and Aussie brother Connor.  Dot is planning on a career in the conformation ring.
Kinring's Stray Cat Strut. 
Honey has moved to the big city!  Now living in Toronto with his new Mom, Honey gets lots of walks in Toronto's beautiful parks and is a wonderful corgi ambassador.
Kinring's The Catskill Corker
Corky lives with the Greenlay family in rural Manitoba
Kinrings Ogden MacGregor Bradley
Ogden has moved to Saskatchewan. He has a big name to live up to!
Kinrings Fluffy The Cat Slayer.
Pippa had a long trip to get to her new family in Prince Edward Island. Now that she has arrived, she is quite the princess and amuses us all with her antics.
Kinring's Cat Call
Aimee lives with her sister Dot and big Aussie brother Connor
Kinring's Here Kitty Kitty
Tear'n is very much her mother's daughter. She has all of the corgi feistiness, combined with sweet sweet sweet...Tear'n is a very busy girl, thus her name, and she is always "tear'n around..."
Kinring's The Cat's Meow
Norman is a handsome boy!  He will be staying here at Kinring and we're really looking forward to getting him into the show ring. He is a sweet, sensible puppy, but commands attention when he steps into the ring.

Norman's page